27 oct. 2013

Once i told you

Maybe its not correct, but look i dont care. You're gonna say i dont have words, that i dont know what i want and thay im crazy, but i always have to say what i think and feel: I cant forget our cuddles and makeouts , sometimes i wanna hug you and touch every inch of your skin with my lips. I want you under my covers. I want me under you.want to feel your breath on my neck again. Lay next to your sleeping soul. I want you entirely. You are so great that i cant forget. You are so good that i cant hate. You are so much things together that i cant ignore. You are just you and thats what i love

2 oct. 2013

Behind the spring

Gentle waves come and go.
All you wanna do is surf, but hey! you don´t even know how to swim.
Behind the spring i watch. Behind the spring i stay.
Sometimes, just sometimes i feel like runaway, but i stop and think in what i´m doing. I´m trying so hard that maybe i could ruin things. I don´t wanna wreck. I feel like if i could lost a big thing.

But i am only a passenger.
I am a passanger of life, of routine, of love, of everything.
I know things can´t be like we want, but i want the best, not like in circles more like a square.
We make mistakes, and some people say that´s part of life. We`re not like to fall, some prefer keep our feets on ground, even when we want to dream. Dream with stars, dream with a life without confussions, with no fear and just be happy. But what is happiness? I can be happy just for three minutes with a song, with an acoustic song, and no more. Just three minutes full of smiles. I can be happy at your side too.

Also, i like to dream too. Who doesn´t like to dream? everybody does. It feels awsome when you feel in the clouds dreaming with things you want to happen. And then comes reality, you learn. You learn to not be

And now that i´m talking about happiness what about the "hurt". What is to be hurt? Loneliness hurts, lose someone hurts, when someone tell you don´t feel the same about you or doesn´t love you anymore, that hurts. What else? yes, of course, everything is relative. Some kid can be hurt if you broke his toy or something like that.

And what about fears? I´m afraid of deep sea. I´m afraid of life, of lose someone, lose people. Is it someone afraid of losing me? i don´t think so. People do not stop to think about  these stupid things as i do. I know someday, my time will come and i´m gonna have everything i want, not material things, that´s for losers. I`m talking bout real things, human things, human feelings...Someday.