Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2013

Once i told you

Maybe its not correct, but look i dont care. You're gonna say i dont have words, that i dont know what i want and thay im crazy, but i always have to say what i think and feel: I cant forget our cuddles and makeouts , sometimes i wanna hug you and touch every inch of your skin with my lips. I want you under my covers. I want me under you.want to feel your breath on my neck again. Lay next to your sleeping soul. I want you entirely. You are so great that i cant forget. You are so good that i cant hate. You are so much things together that i cant ignore. You are just you and thats what i love

Be Green

Behind the spring

Gentle waves come and go.
All you wanna do is surf, but hey! you don´t even know how to swim.
Behind the spring i watch. Behind the spring i stay.
Sometimes, just sometimes i feel like runaway, but i stop and think in what i´m doing. I´m trying so hard that maybe i could ruin things. I don´t wanna wreck. I feel like if i could lost a big thing.

But i am only a passenger.
I am a passanger of life, of routine, of love, of everything.
I know things can´t be like we want, but i want the best, not like in circles more like a square.
We make mistakes, and some people say that´s part of life. We`re not like to fall, some prefer keep our feets on ground, even when we want to dream. Dream with stars, dream with a life without confussions, with no fear and just be happy. But what is happiness? I can be happy just for three minutes with a song, with an acoustic song, and no more. Just three minutes full of smiles. I can be happy at your side too.

Also, i like to dream too. Who doesn´t like to dream? eve…